Green hydrogen as the energy of the future

What is green hydrogen and how is it generated?
In a climate emergency situation where the use of renewable energies is essential, new ways of generating fuel must be sought. Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical element on our planet, being present in 75% of the matter around us. One of the methods for obtaining hydrogen is through the electrolysis of water, where it decomposes into hydrogen gas (H2) and oxygen (O2). To generate green hydrogen, the same chemical process is used, but with electricity from renewable sources, thus producing energy without emitting CO2.

Green hydrogen as a fuel today
One of the goals that territories around the world have set themselves for 2050 is to reduce carbon emissions. Currently, countries such as Japan, the United States and Germany are leading the way of using hydrogen as a fuel. There are also hydrogen stations in Spain, although production is still scarce. This lack of production is due to the great challenge involved in transporting and storing it safely due to its high reactivity, in addition to the high cost of obtaining it.

This need to be “manufactured” as it cannot be acquired directly from nature, together with the requirement to be generated from renewable energies, makes its production more expensive. Likewise, the energy expenditure in the production of hydrogen, especially green hydrogen, is higher, finding the need to reduce the cost of renewable energy generation as a solution.

Green hydrogen, a sustainable energy for the future of our planet
The impact of using green hydrogen in our daily lives would be beneficial for our planet and a key factor in decarbonisation. Unlike coal and oil, this clean energy source emits only water vapour, generating no waste in the air, neither during combustion nor during the production process.

It is also very powerful, versatile and easy to store, allowing it to be used at other times and for other purposes.

At Iplan we are expanding our knowledge to take care of our environment
At the end of October, our Renewable Energy Manager attended the Hydrogen Technology Europe Expo in Bremen (Germany), a trade fair dedicated to technologies, materials, components and solutions for a low-carbon hydrogen future.

This universal fuel is the result of a major energy evolution. In order to adapt to new developments and the future needs of our customers, we are entering this new world to learn about the progress of the technical challenges of the sector and new alternatives to take care of our environment.

In the same situation as many European countries, we find ourselves with a lack of information on the management of this industry. Pending an update on the current legislation on green hydrogen production in Spain, we expect an extension of the construction of hydrogen plants beyond an industrial activity and the simplification of the administrative processes involved, among others. The creation of a general regulatory framework for all EU member states is envisaged, which would speed up the market progress of this industry, considered the energy of the future to save our planet.

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