Engineering and Legalizations

Iplan Gestión Integral S.L. accomplishes all the required procedures to legalize facilities, providing an special assessment for their legal implementation on site, and facing important topics for the viability of a technical project such as urban, environmental, energy and private property law, among other sectorial matters of direct application.

Iplan Gestión Integral S.L. offers both a vast knowledge and long experience in the establishment, review and management of the following actions:

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Iplan Gestión Integral S.L. prepares the precise documentation and takes the necessary steps to ensure success in the process of:

– Processing and legalizing projects at the Energy Administration.
– Processing and advising on urban law for the on-site implementation project.
– Processing and legal advising on environmental evaluation project procedure.
– Managing and processing urban licenses.
– Technical and legal advice on the project’s feasibility.
– Planning of legal procedures for the project execution.

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Iplan Gestión Integral S.L. has specialized personnel with a broad experience in the assessment, review and management of the following actions:

– List of assets and rights preparation:

– Tracing on cadastral plans / Delineation
– Property Inquiry.
– Cadastral certificates obtention.
– List of affected assets and rights purification.
– Field worksheets preparation.
– Land evaluation.
– Price scale proposal for mutual agreement negotiation.

– Mutual agreement management:

– Parcel location.
– Owner location and investigation.
– Private permit negotiation.
– Price study.
– Legal title study for facility implementation.
– Drafting of the mutual agreement contract with the affected individuals.
– Ownership and registration charges review.
– Agreement signing.
– Formalization of the compensation payment.

– Expert assistance in the different stages of work: prior, during, and after.

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Iplan Gestión Integral S.L., prepares the required documentation and takes the necessary steps to ensure the success of the entire expropriation process:

– Technical and legal assistance in the compulsory expropriation procedure.
– Expropriation file initiation
– Call proposal. Land properties review.
– Easement expropriation and property full ownership description.
– Previous deposits and damages for rapid occupation calculation.
– Previous Acts, Acts of Occupancy, Minutes of Mutual Agreement, and Minutes of Payment rising.

– Consignments.
– Files for submission to the Public Prosecutor preparation.
– Appreciation sheets study and writing.
– Resources preparation to the expropriation jury resolutions.
– Default interest calculation.
– Property Registry inscriptions.

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