Iplan has obtained a new contract for engineering services and technical support for the Technical Office Department of Aigües de Manresa S.A.

The tasks that Iplan will carry out include the drafting of projects and the necessary documentation, and the control and supervision of works, for both new execution or improvement and rehabilitation and/or reform.

The actions will be carried out in the drinking and residual water treatment stations, the pumping stations, regulating tanks, supply, sanitation, regenerated and rainwater networks, as well as all the complementary facilities and equipment associated with the company. This also includes all the rehabilitation, improvement and expansion actions of the Manresa Municipal Swimming Pools Sports Complex.

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NUEVO PROYECTO PARA O&M HYDRO IBERIALa borrasca Gloria de 2020 causó estragos en toda Catalunya, y la central Hidroeléctrica de Pasteral situada en el Río Ter no fue una excepción. Es por ello por lo que se ha visto la necesidad de renovar parte de la infraestructura y de los equipos hidráulicos de la captación de la central.