The Gloria storm of 2020 wreaked havoc throughout all Catalonia, and the Pasteral Hydroelectric Power Plant located on the Ter River was no exception. That is why there’s the need of renewing part of the infrastructure and hydraulic equipment of the plant’s intake.

Iplan will carry out drafting services for a submerged wall two meters high inside the catchment channel requested by the ACA (Catalan Water Agency) so that in future cleaning interventions of the channel it does not have to empty the reservoir by below a certain level. To this end, a marine Geotechnical-Geophysical campaign will be carried out to determine the parameters and characteristics of the reservoir’s subsoil.A basic project for the renovation of the catchment equipment will also be drawn up according to the solution established in the “Study of alternatives to the actions to improve the hydraulic elements of the Pasteral catchment”, drawn up by ATL, the Supply Entity of Ter-Llobregat water in November 2020.

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Iplan ha conseguido un contrato marco para los servicios de ingeniería y soporte técnico al Departamento de Oficina Técnica de Aigües de Manresa S.A. RENOVACIÓN DE LAS INSTALACIONES EN LA CENTRAL HIDROELÉCTRICA DE PASTERAL