IPLAN GESTION INTEGRAL S.L., has a Department of the Environment, formed by a multidisciplinary team of experienced technicians in the field of Assists the Environmental Engineering.

This knowledge of the practical application of the theory has encouraged the development of other works of environmental character in draft form with high added value.

Fields of Action

  • Environmental impact studies
  • Works territorial planning and environmental assessment of plans and program
  • Impact studies and landscape integration
  • Greening of buildings, implementation of renewable energy and climate change
  • Restoration spaces and accompanying corrective measures
  • Studies waste management of construction and demolition
  • Plans to prevent forest fires
  • Processing of licenses and environmental authorizations
  • As diverse environmental character studies tailored to customer needs

In Progress

  • Development and revision of environmental monitoring programs of works and environmental management plans
  • Environmental Monitoring and supervision of works in accordance with the standards required by the client
  • Addresses environmental works
  • Reporting to the customer tracking, management or other bodies that require
  • Monitoring and evaluation of sensitive wildlife or vegetation under construction

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