In any type of work, employees are exposed daily to various factors that can affect their health, both physically and psychologically, being detrimental to their well-being.

Safety and health at work encompass all prevention methods to avoid these situations and provide employees with a safe and healthy working condition in a comfortable environment. This need, in addition to providing well-being for the workers and increasing their confidence with the company, produces greater staff productivity and performance, avoiding injuries and illnesses that cause sick leave. Likewise, it is a principle that encompasses the Corporate Social Responsibility policy, focusing the main concern on the people in the company.

In accordance with our values and ethics that we apply in our way of working, we continue to train our staff to expand their knowledge on safety and health at work.

Last October, we carried out the “Confined Spaces Work” course with the aim of learning and, at the same time, promoting awareness of safe work as a priority in our work.

The objective of this face-to-face course has been to provide theoretical and practical knowledge about the procedures and safety standards to be followed in confined space work, making known the tools and personal protection equipment related to the subject taught. In this way, we can contribute to a safer execution of the work, reduce the risk of accidents, and improve productivity in this type of work.

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